I played EA’s Star Wars Battlefront last night on a PS4 and here are a few initial thoughts.


  • The graphics powered by DICE’s Frostbite engine are phenomenal.
  • You can start off slow with training missions before jumping into the thick of multiplayer action.
  • Nice use of space without becoming too large and getting lost in maps.


  • Players are required to get a season pass (additional cost) to get the full game experience.
  • Solo player missions are light, so don’t expect to be occupied for a long time unless you get a season pass.
  • Audio relies on playing some movie quotes over and over. This can become tiresome.

I will update this review as I play through the game. It is definitely a must for gamers who are also Star Wars fans, but you may want adopt a wait and see approach if you are a pure gamer with only middling interest in Star Wars.

Written by patcheely