I’ve been using PHP since 2000 when the university I worked for transitioned their existing Oracle applications out onto the web. As a fledgling programmer with only minor experience with the C programming language, it took me awhile to get the hang of things. However, because PHP was so well documented it quickly became my tool of choice for development over Oracle and Microsoft’s tools. While working for this employer I had the opportunity to create some interesting code from a medical clerkship scheduler to a medical examiner’s photo upload/management site.


PHP, my current programming language of choice.

My next job was in 2005 with a company providing MLS (Multiple Listing Services) for Real Estate boards across the US. I was on a project team to build their next generation MLS using a hot new methodology called AJAX for a richer user experience. This project really showed me the power of JavaScript with PHP on the back end. Unfortunately, the project was scrapped and the company was sold to a larger MLS provider. The experience was invaluable and I really learned about the DOM and JavaScript.

Though I had the opportunity to continue working with the new MLS company, I chose to try working with an IT consulting company. I was still developing with PHP, but I was more involved in every aspect of the SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle). As team lead I would meet with the clients and listen to their needs, scope out the project, and create a proposal. Our niche were online assessment centers for professional development content providers and we leveraged the L.A.M.P. stack to provide a robust platform.

Since 2009 I’ve been working for my current employer. During the last six years I’ve worked on lots of projects and each time I’ve looked at other languages and chose to use PHP. I’ve tried Pearl and Python on the side to determine if they provided a better option, but I’ve not found a time when they were the clear winner. (note, I do use Pearl sometimes for scheduled server jobs).

Written by patcheely