Remember when you first ordered internet and TV services from your provider? The price was great and you were satisfied it was a good deal. Most likely you received a new customer discount to get that price. However, a year later you see the monthly price that long term customers receive and its no longer such a bargain.  The service provider is still advertising a great price but you don’t qualify as an existing customer. You may request a different discount, only to be told that the cancellations department can offer you a discount if you threaten to drop your service. Does this sound familiar?

Well its becoming easier to cut the cord and still view a lot of your favorites. Take a look at this article from KSN-TV who followed a Wichita, KS couple as they cut the cord. They calculated an annual savings of $863.88 ($71.99/mo).  One of the ways they continued to view their favorite content is by using a Roku 2, which is a TV and streaming media player.



Here is another article with Microsoft trying to attract cord cutters by adding a tuner the the Xbox One.




Written by patcheely